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End of Season 9/8/18

​SAT. 11am - 9:00pm​

​*hours are subject to change


(Valid Feb & Mar 2018)

We'd love to see your swirlnique froyo creation.  Take a pic of your froyo cup while in the shop then post and tag us on Facebook or Instagram

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At Swirls & Nibbles we encourage our customers and employees to celebrate what makes them Swirlnique.  Being swirlnique is that special feeling of joy when you create a one of a kind frozen yogurt cup or changing things up by eating your froyo before your meal.  With 8 flavors and over 40 toppings to choose from you can create something Swirlniquely you with every visit.  

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​            No worries, we won't judge if you have your Froyo before your meal.

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