How sweet would it be to raise money for your favorite organization?  Any non-profit or community organization can apply to hold a fundraiser on a designated night and 15% of your event sales will be donated back to your group. What an awesome way to show support for your favorite group, team or organization at your favorite local restaurant.

Who Can Host? 
 Charities, churches, schools, athletic teams, scout troops and other organizations considered to be non-profit by the IRS may host a Fundraiser event. We also welcome Fundraiser requests from community recreational clubs that do not have non-profit status. These groups must provide supporting W-9 tax ID information. 

Fundraising can be a successful great experience if everyone does their part.  We want to provide your organization with delicious treats along with the proceeds of your event sales. What we expect from our host:
-Please do not distribute flyers in the restaurant, parking lot or vicinity.
-Coupons or discounts cannot be redeemed in conjunction with a fundraiser event

-One flyer per transaction.

​To find out more about booking your fundraiser contact us @


​Tel. 484-991-8472

Let's Get Things Started
Contact Swirls & Nibbles  to determine a Fundraiser date and start the approval process.  Events should be set up several weeks in advance to allow for proper promotion. (4-6 weeks)
Date and time of your event will be determined by Swirls & Nibbles. Typically fundraising events are hosted Mon – Thurs between 4 – 8 pm or Saturdays between 12 – 4pm.  On the day of your event have your group members present associated flyer or invitation to the cashier when ordering their meal. We certainly want to make sure guests receive a delightful experience and your organization gets properly credited for their visit with us!

Within a few days of your event we will call you with the  final amount of money your group raised.  You should receive a check from us within a few weeks of the event – totaling 15% of event sales generated from the redeemed flyers or invitations.